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Common Myths and Side Effects of Shaving Hair for Women

Common Myths and Side Effects of Shaving Hair for Women

Are you looking for a way to shave your hair without some of the common side effects?

Hair removal for women is often a challenge due to the skin problems it leaves behind. Sadly, this has become an expectation despite the variations in shaving equipment. It is possible to remove hair from any part of your body, but nasty side effects are likely. Listed below, the myths and problems associated with hair shaving for women are discussed.

Ingrown hairs from shaving due to hair type

When it comes to shaving, certain hair types are more likely to create ingrown hairs than others. For example, black men have common problems with shaving because the skin around their beards can become bumpy. Although colognes and aftershave might be used to attempt to prevent this issue, the main reason for it is the way the hair grows. In general, anyone that has hair that grows in a curl has a chance of experiencing an ingrown hair from shaving. This does not mean people with straight hair are off the hook. Everyone can get a painful ingrown hair from shaving, but they may have fewer than others due to their genetics.

Ingrown hairs from dirty razors

One of the best ways to get an ingrown hair is by using a razor that is embedded with bacteria. This can happen because you leave your razor in the shower, or simply do not change it often enough. This is difficult to control because many Americans reuse disposable razors, and this leaves them open to this problem.

Does shaving hair make it grow back darker?

There has been a pervasive myth that if you cut your hair, it will grow back thicker and darker. Thankfully, this is not the case. On the other hand, the real issue is that this hair grows back quickly because it is not drawn out at the root. Also, the hair is not worn down at the tip and this means it is less flexible. Hair that has grown over an inch will become softer over time.

Common Myths and Side Effects of Shaving Hair for Women

Shaving dry skin makes future shaving difficult

When women shave their legs and armpits, they often do it in the shower. Despite this, if you try to do a touch up on dry skin with a razor, you may find that you will suffer for it later. In some cases, the area that you shave will have a thin line of scabs. This happens because you have micro-damage from shaving without moisture. While it might not be a huge concern, it is certainly difficult to continue shaving when you have scabs.

Shaving over injuries spreads infection

If you wear glasses or contacts, there is a good chance you will not be wearing them when you take a shower and shave. This makes it especially easy to forget about a previous injury that is still healing. For example, if you have poison oak on your legs, you might shave over the top of the bumps. Along with plenty of blood, you may also spread the poison oak infection further.

Are there better hair removal options than shaving?

Although millions of Americans use razors every day, the truth is that it is not the best form of hair removal for everyone. Besides tweezers, it is the cheapest way to remove hair, but it is not always the most effective. For these reasons, do not feel that you are locked into using razors to remove hair for the rest of your life. There are plenty of other options, and your skin will thank you for your efforts.

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