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Tips on How to Apply a Spray Tan at Home

 Tips on How to Apply a Spray Tan at Home

To apply spray tan at home, it is better if you remove whatever products you have on your body to ensure that the spray tan bonds to your skin better.

You can choose to wear undergarments and swimsuits to get a tan line when you apply the spray tan. Certain areas on your body where the skin is thicker might turn out darker then the other areas of your skin, so you might want to apply a some sort of moisturizer to prevent that from happening.

If you are going to spray tan at home, It would be a great help if you had someone else to apply the spray tan on you especially at the hard to reach places. First, stand with legs slightly apart and use a circular motion when spraying the spray tan product. To avoid an uneven tan, start moving the can before you even begin spraying. It is best to stay at least 6 inches from your body to prevent the tan from being uneven.

Start from the lower half of your body working your way up to your upper half. When spraying the sunless spray, you should bend your joints when it is being applied. This tightens your skin and ensures an even tone. Be careful not to spray too much on areas where the skins are thick such as the knee and elbow region.

You can also achieve tan lines that you get from the conventional salon tan with spray tan at home. When spraying near the area nearby the undergarments, move the spray can in an upward-downwards motion to get a tan line effect. When applying to the buttocks region, it is recommended that you bend over in order to spray the underside. Then you can start spraying your shoulders, neck and arms. Completely finish one arm before moving to the other to ensure an even tan.

You might want to ask the help of a friend to spray the face region as it would be difficult to do it alone. Have your friend spray your face, starting with the forehead. Remember to close your eyes and hold your breath when you spray the eye and nose region as the spray fumes might cause health hazards. Pay attention to the jaw line and the underneath of your chin as it is one of those hard to reach areas.

Finally, check the tan in a mirror and do corrections on uneven areas. If there is an area which is uneven, simply pat the area gently with a towel or sponge. It is advisable not to rub as it might cause irritation to the skin.

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