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5 Ways to Increase Breast Size and Breast Shape

5 Ways to Increase Breast Size and Breast Shape

Every woman consciously or subconsciously desires to have a bigger pair of breasts.

Though it is believed that a woman cannot alter the size of her breasts, after puberty, there are ways to increase the breast size in various ways. Some of the ways to increase the breast size are:

1. Exercises: There are three forms of exercises called the pull, the press and the curl which enhance the shape of the breasts. But then one requires consistent workout to get that kind of results. For a woman who has to juggle up between home work and career, this can be tough. Also exercises can perk up your cleavage an firm your breasts, but nothing can be done to increase the size of the bust.

2. Fat and flabby way: Feed yourself and become fuller, and rest said the fat will accumulate into the breasts making them heavy. But the flip side is this can be unhealthy and give you back pain. Not to mention that you become top heavy and you may look humongous on top but not necessarily beautiful.

3. Artificial methods: Celebrities go for breast enhancers, which are skinless chicken breasts made from silicon, which can be inserted in a bra or the bikini top. Some go for the harmless push up bra which uplift the breasts and give them a fuller look.

4. Costly method: Women opt for the silicon based surgery to alter the shape and size of breasts. But they can be harmful and there are chances of getting breast cancer and other complications. Breast application creams are also no good because they tone up the skin around the breasts to give a fuller look.

5. The best method to naturally increase breast size: Which then is the best way to increase the shape and size of breasts? First we need to understand that it is the hormone estrogen which is the responsible for the growth and development of breasts. There is a herbal solution to get bigger, supple and well toned firm breasts in a natural manner and without any side effect. The herbal supplement contains a vital ingredient called 'abuta' which has phytoestrogen (plant hormones that mimic estrogen). What you get is an affordable alternative to increase the shape and size of your breasts without resorting to surgery or expensive creams. . You are assured to get an increase in the cup size in 1-6 months for sure.

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