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Body Wash and Showers - Five Secrets to Lustrous Smooth Skin All Over

Body Wash and Showers - Five Secrets to Lustrous Smooth Skin All Over

Ever wondered why your skin doesn't shine or you just can't seem to keep it moisturized no matter how much lotion you apply? The answer may lie in what you do in the shower and the products you use instead of what you do when you get out.

1. Select wash that is beneficial to YOUR skin type- You wouldn't buy face wash for dry skin if you have oily skin, so why do we do it for our body wash? This should go without saying but you would be surprised how many folks who buy a body wash that is not suited for them because of a "pretty bottle." (I admit I have been guilty of this myself) If you tend to have dry skin then look for washes with more emollient ingredients (such as shea butter or even a scrub with oil in it). If your skin is well balanced, washes such as these will only leave you feeling greasy.

2. Select the right application tool: Depending on your skin, you will need to use a loofah, a sponge or a washcloth. Those with sensitive skin do not want to use a harsh 'scrubbie" but maybe stick with soft washcloths or sponges. Those with dry skin need a little more grit in their applicators to get the dry flaky skin off. Don't be too harsh though, skin is more vulnerable when its wet.

3. Use the right temperature water: Even though this is not a popular piece of advice, you musn't shower in water that is too hot, especially in the winter. I admit, I am also very fond of a hot shower especially when it is cold outside. The only problem is that I come out looking like some sort of reptile who is ready to shed her skin. Not a good look.

4. End your shower with cool water: By ending your shower with cool, not cold water you close the door on your pores, so to speak, and stop your skin from unnecessarily losing body oil. This alone will result in better skin.

5. Apply moisturizer while skin is still damp: If you scrub yourself dry then you are wasting good moisture for your skin. Pat yourself dry, leaving yourself damp and then add lotion or oil to moisturize. Not only do you use less moisturizer, but you lock in the moisture (water) that is already on your skin.


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