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The 7 Secrets to Beautiful Breasts

The 7 Secrets to Beautiful Breasts

The beauty of the breasts can be defined in many ways and it will always depend on someone's particular taste. Yes, not all men like big breasts! Roundness, fullness are always mentioned, but the cup size is not always as big of an issue as most women think. So if you have small breasts, don't despair! However, women with small breasts need to pay attention in keeping their breasts' elasticity as well, because even small breasts can sag.

Follow these 7 simple steps for obtaining beautiful breast:

1. Hydrate: Drink plenty of water every day. Drinking 8 glasses of water or more will help your skin to stay young and vibrant.

2. Avoid sun exposure: Anytime when your skin is exposed to sun you are risking that your skin will look older sooner. Too much sun dries your skin as well, which will cause your derma to become loose and sag.

3. Hot and cold showers can do miracles. Occasional "ice-cube" treatments can bring vitality to your decolletages. All you need to do is to rub ice cubes on your breasts after showers.

4. Gravity is present all the time even if you have small breasts. Wearing proper bras are always important for keeping your breasts perky in the long run. Don't forget to choose special sports bras for your workouts and pick your sports bra to the level of activity you are going to do.

5. Do chest exercises. Don't be afraid to use light weights. You will not end up looking like a body builder! Keeping toned helps your connective tissues to stay strong and fight against aging.

6. Apply cream regularly. In your 20's, plain moisturizer can be enough, but you can add extra vitamin E to your cream by opening up a vitamin E capsule. Later in life, bust firming creams are helpful.

7. Avoid yo-yo diets. Loosing too much weight at once will effect your breasts. If you loose weight suddenly, it is inevitable to lose weight from your breasts, leaving your skin stretched. Instead, try to follow a healthy diet and shed pounds slower. Keep strengthening your upper body to keep the shape and perkiness of your breasts.

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