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Spice Up Your Life With Open Bra

The open bra is a wonderfully naughty piece of peek-a-boo lingerie that leaves part of the breast, including the nipple, exposed. There are several types available, each of which comes in a panoply of fabrics and other styling options. If you haven't yet incorporated these exotic bras into your lingerie drawer, considering doing so today; these bras are a great way to spice up your love life in an extremely erotic- and often unexpected- way!

The principle behind the open bra is simple; these are normal bras, usually with underwire, whose cups only cover a small portion of the breast. Some open bras leave only the nipple exposed, and cover the rest of the breast with seductive lace or satin. Others have only a small lace or satin "shelf" at the bottom of the cup, leaving the majority of the breast open. Others have no cups at all, only the underwire supports and bottom band. A fourth kind of brassiere can be closed, opened, or left somewhere in-between; the aperture on each cup is controlled by a drawstring ribbon, similar to the neckline on a Victorian nightgown.

It can be difficult to find these brassieres (which may also be labeled as shelf bras or peek-a-boo bras) in retail stores, since they're such a specialty item, and this is just as well because many women are nervous and embarrassed about shopping for this obviously erotic lingerie. Thankfully, the Internet has the answer; you can shop safely and privately from the comfort of your own home, and your packages will be delivered in plain packaging with no clue as to their contents.

Most open bras are fitted the same way that regular bras are. If in doubt, consult the sizing chart on the website you're browsing, and don't be afraid to email or telephone customer support if you're unsure which size you should buy, or if their directions are unclear. Also read up on the vendor's return policy; you should only buy from vendors who will let you do a return or exchange if the bra doesn't fit the way you want it to. Some vendors will even pay for return shipping, which is a great bonus!

The style of open or cupless bra that will look best depends on your body type, breast size, and degree of firmness that you possess in that area of your body. The firmer your breasts are naturally, the less support they'll need from the bra; if you have A or B-cup breasts, chances are you can wear any type of sexy bra with great success. If your breasts are larger and require more support, consider a style of exotic bra that has a bit more fabric to support everything and keep you looking your perkiest.

The open bra is a fantastic exotic lingerie option that can really spice up your boudoir. Many women enjoy wearing them under their regular clothes; just knowing that you're wearing something exotic underneath can add fun and excitement to your day!


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