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How Do You Buy Bra Giving You Perfect Look And Fit

How Do You Buy Bra Giving You Perfect Look And Fit

Choosing the right bra is not just finding the perfect color and style or getting the one that looks good on you. It is imperative that you find the perfect balance between your personal taste and comfort. Finding the right brassiere is not supposed to be a major challenge.

However, a lot of women cannot seem to find the bra that is perfect for their bust size. It was estimated that 8 in every 10 women are wearing poorly fitting brassieres. Its consequence goes beyond appearance, and there are health issues that may come about if you are wearing brassieres that are too tight or too loose.

Health Implications of Poor-Fitting Bras

Wearing poorly fitting bra will result to discomfort, searing pain and strain on the breast tissue. This can lead to sagging or drooping of the breasts if the problem is not corrected, and the lack of support can result to tissue displacement. This is the main reason why the breast tissue tends to lump on the underside of the arm. In some cases, women may experience flattening of the section around the wall of the breast.

On the other hand, if you are wearing tight-fitting brassieres, you will also experience extreme pain and discomfort. This unhealthy condition can lead to the distortion and compression of the breast tissue. If you are using a bra with small cup size, aside from the compression of the tissue, your breast will also be constricted on the outer edges, as well as on the bottom and top portions of your bra. One thing that you must be concerned with is the potential harm of extended compression caused by the underwire on the breast tissue.

Determining the Right Band Size

You have to carefully determine the right band size. The band size is too small if you feel uncomfortable and tight when wearing your bra. On the other hand, you should find another bra with smaller band size if you observe your breast protruding from the bottom section of your brassieres. The right-sized band should give you a firm fit when it is wrapped around your back. This is a critical point that would provide you with the needed support for your breast. You are wearing a bra with the right band size if it is parallel to ground, and when buying a bra, it is important that you select one based on its loosest fitting.

Determining the Right Cup Size

The most important thing that you must remember is to find cups that will perfectly encase your breast. It is not the right cup size if you observe bulging when you are wearing your brassiere. When it comes to underwire bra, it is important that the wire component does not stab the underside of your breast. You have to make sure that fabric panel of your bra snugly sits on your sternum. However, this may not be possible in some styles or makes. You have to remember that there is a wide variance when it comes to the measurement of brassieres.

A Final Note

There are two variables that need to be taken into account when it comes to bra size - the cup size and band size. To ensure that you get the right-sized bra, you have to determine the perfect fitting using the unpadded bra and not the sports bra or minimizer bras. It is best that you have someone to take the measurement for you as it is usually more accurate than when you do the measurement yourself.

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