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What Do You Know About A Bandeau Bra?

The bandeau bra was designed for comfort and style. Created out of a stretchy band of soft fabric, these womens bras are intended to be put on by pulling them over your head. Many options are available from materials used to construct the garment and there are many different levels of support offered.

This non traditional bra may be warn like a standard bra or worn as a fashion statement by wearing it as a first layer under a sheer blouse or slightly visible under a low cut top. As stated, this is a non traditional bra and can be very stylish with multiple color options as well as lingerie fabric options. You may find this bra in different animal prints or with pretty lace trim. Many women chose a bandeau for comfort purposes only, but different levels of support are available as well. The basic versions offer no support. Shaped cups offer light support, while foam padded bandeau bras offer medium support. There is also a under wired version available for maximum support.

Many women find that strapless bra options are uncomfortable and somewhat restrictive. This is not the case with the bandeau bra. Many times you will find this product available with removable straps and hooks to insert your own straps. Sometimes straps offer a woman more confidence or maybe you bought bra straps because you liked the way they looked and you wanted to show them off. Either way, the bandeau bra allows this option giving it much more flexibility than a regular strapless bra. The hooks are designed to be very flexible which means you have multiple options to fasten straps, including halter or cross back styles of straps.

The options available for colors, prints and fabric materials are endless. These bras are made in every color of the rainbow, to work well with any outfit and are made out of almost every fabric. Although mainly manufactured from cotton, for its comfort, you can find a bandeau bra made from spandex, silk, and cotton blends. Another common feature is the variety of different prints available for purchase. One can also find a bandeau style bikini top to promote fashion and comfort while out on the beach.

If you are looking for the ultimate comfort in a strapless bra without sacrificing style, then the bandeau bra is the way to go. It was introduced as early as the 1940's and has stood the test of time. Although there was a point in time where this fashion was slightly out of style, the comfort and design ultimately made its return. This design is time tested and proven and it remains a lingerie and intimate apparel favorite. Due to the popularity, what once started as a plain white cotton option, grew and evolved into a must have undergarment which can be warn under clothing or shown off to promote the trends in fashion today. If you don't own a bandeau bra, and love to wear strapless dresses and clothing, then it's time that you started shopping for one. Once you discover how comfortable and easy to wear this brassiere is, you'll wonder why you waited so long!


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