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Lauren Goodger Poses Completely Naked In Her New Tanning Photoshoots

Lauren Goodger Poses Completely Naked In Her New Tanning Photoshoots

Lauren Goodger left very little to the imagination when she recently posed totally naked for a seriously sexy tanning photo shoots .

Former TOWIE babe Lauren Goodger has had a love-hate relationship with her body, previously admitting in her New! magazine column that she fees "revolting" and she “never feels happy, no matter what size [she is].”

Lauren even pondered whether she suffered from body dysmorphia, and accused the paparazzi of editing their snaps of her to make her look bigger.

So it was refreshing to see the 31-year-old embrace her gorgeous curves as she stripped completely naked to promote her "classy and glamorous" tanning range, Lauren’s Gold, adding she’s now body confident.

"I’m currently sitting on the floor completely naked with gold all over me and spread all over my body," Lauren exclusively told Daily Star Online as we caught up with the reality star for a chat.

Lauren Goodger Poses Completely Naked In Her New Tanning Photoshoots

“I'm very comfortable with my body. The reason why I'm posing naked is because it makes much more of a statement. I'm aiming to be as glamorous and sexy as possible.”

Lauren added that her happiness with her figure stems from the “good vibes” she puts out, and insisted she no longer stresses about slimming to a slender size eight.

“I’m just self confident,” she shrugged. “I’m quite a confident person and I'm not as insecure as people make out.

“I don't walk around size 8. I'm still fit, I'm still healthy, I still train. I show people what's real and how I feel and that I'm happy and how I am very confident in myself.”

Lauren’s body positivity marks a change from earlier this year when the bombshell appeared on ITV’s Loose Women.

The panel’s quick-fire questions over her previous relationship with jailbird ex Joey Morrison saw the star dissolve into tears, where she admitted to the panel that she felt “under pressure” and that her confidence had been "knocked.”

Lauren Goodger Poses Completely Naked In Her New Tanning Photoshoots

But Lauren now sounds world’s apart from her tear-fuelled breakdown back in September, adding she is happy and healthy as she enjoys single life.

“I got a bit emotional and that's why it was hard,” Lauren admitted over her tears on TV, “Not because the Loose Women panel were horrible, they're lovely, the women, but it was then firing at me at the time and it threw me.

“There were a couple of fiery questions. You haven't got a lot of time to think about it and as a girl with feelings, not this hard bitch that people might have thought, I had to do that to show it is sad and I am real and it isn't all negative.”

Lauren also welled up when a newspaper suggested that she wanted to have a gastric band – something she denied ever saying.
“I was a bit like, ‘What the hell?’” she explained.

Lauren Goodger Poses Completely Naked In Her New Tanning Photoshoots

“I like to think I’m quite open, and that’s how I like to be.

“But at the same time I am allowed to have my guard up with things that I say.”

Despite this, Lauren is open to having surgery, hinting she may even have a boob reduction in the future.

“Never say never,” she teased.

“I've got a big bum and big boobs, they've always been quite huge. I've thought about going smaller but I feel like il leave it for now but never say never.

“I keep thinking about getting a breast reduction. But it's not necessary and they look good and I'm still young so I'm just going with it. I'm enjoying it.”

Source : Dailystar

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