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What Women Should Do After Breast Implant Surgery

Our body goes through a lot every day. Starting with waking up early in the morning, whatever we do, be it working out, going to work, hanging out with buddies or eating, it is our body that goes through it all. One of the basics that one can do to stay healthy is go for regular check-ups. That way one would always be aware of what not to do. As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure".

Breast implants need specific care and maintenance after surgery. It is best for the patient to visit their surgeons from time to time to keep healthy. After breast implant surgery regular check-ups is a necessity as the implant tends to grow weaker with the passage of time. But the conditions vary with different patients. If a patient along with looking great feels good about her implants then she need not go to the surgeon every now and then.

Methods of taking care after breast implant surgery

Capsular Contraction:

A common side-effect of breast implant is Capsular Contraction. It's a kind of body reaction to a foreign or unknown object. If we accidentally hurt ourselves by overstepping a sharp object then our body immediately begins to enclose the foreign object by creating a capsule of fibrous tissues to protect the body from the foreign object. The body tends to react in the same way when breast implant is medically implanted in the body. Capsular Contraction happens when the fibrous tissue begins to contract and tighten. The contraction may be extreme with pain and distortion or may be minor and unnoticeable. To reduce the risk of Capsular Contraction surgeons sometimes suggest some breast implant massages.

Exercises after surgery:

Certain exercises like pocket quadrant exercises or implant massage compressions are not suggested by every surgeon. One must take prior guidance from a certified surgeon before proceeding with exercises. The patient must wait a week after surgery before starting with the exercises, or till they do not suffer any pain while performing the exercises or as their surgeon instructs them to.

Proper Bra selection:

Wearing a proper fitted bra will hold the weight of the bosoms better. Hence this would save the risks of suffering synmastia.


When undergoing a dental treatment, a high amount of bacteria is likely to enter the lesions and infect the area around the breast implant. Medications prior to dental work should be consulted with the surgeon.

Sunlight Exposure:

Several months after the surgery the incision lines fade away and are almost invisible. To avoid dark pigmentation one should avoid direct exposure of the incisions under the sunlight for minimum six months.


Breast X-rays or mammograms should be done before and after breast implant surgery. This enables the concerned patient to compare and understand if there is any complication after the surgery. Although one has to re-operate a breast implant in time, yet through proper maintenance one may extend the time limit for re-operation.

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