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Ta Ta Towel Bra Is Your Smart Solution For Underboob Sweat Issue

Ta Ta Towel Bra Is Your Smart Solution For Underboob Sweat Issue

Underboob sweat is so popular problem for busty women in summer but we have good news to solve this issue .

A chance lingerie designer has created the ultimate in essential summer underwear which will dry up all your boob-sweat-related woes forever.

Rarely does a lingerie trend come round that's aimed solely at the big boob-blessed population but one member of the club's got your back. Meet Erin Robertson i.e. the underboob sweat saviour. The Los Angeles native had an Eureka moment of sorts one night after she grew sick of sweating profusely in the chest area while getting ready for a first date one evening in her hot apartment.

Ta Ta Towel Bra Is Your Smart Solution For Underboob Sweat Issue

"There HAS to be a better way to keep the beads of sweat from dripping down my stomach," she thought to herself before heading out. Her genius idea for a towel-cum-bra came to her as lay in bed and after watching hours of YouTube sewing tutorials, the Ta-Ta Towel was born. The underwear is essentially a bra made from terry towelling which is designed to absorb your underboob sweat. You hook it under one breast, wrap it around your neck and secure it on your other breast and ta-da, welcome to boob-sweat-free life.

Ta Ta Towel Bra Is Your Smart Solution For Underboob Sweat Issue

Robertson says it's not just dried up women's underboob-sweat woes but it's also been a saviour to breastfeeding mums. She says she designed the item with sensitive nipples in mind so it'll save nursing women any embarrassing leakages.

Ta-Ta Towel comes in four colours: black, grey, teal and fuchsia with sizes ranging from a C to H-cup. Plus, they're reversible. They're currently selling for $45.00 (£34.23) plus packing and postage.

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Source : sofeminine

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