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Know More About Types Of Lingerie's Material

Know More About Types Of Lingerie's Material

Picking out lingerie can be a pain at times. There's so many sizes, styles, straps, and fasteners that not only can you not know where to start, you might not be able to even figure out how to get it on! Lingerie is a highly personal selection, and you might need to try out many different styles and materials until you pick the one that is perfect for you.

Knowing what is out there will help immensely in this process. Perhaps the most important part of lingerie that you should pick first would be the material. Each material has its disadvantages and advantages, and you will probably have two or three favorite ones to try.

Cotton is not used much in lingerie. It has too much of a everyday feel to really add to a sexy outfit, but it is nice for comfortable panties. You will most often see this in boy shorts type lingerie, or anything that is more playful than sultry. However, cotton is very strong, and you won't have to worry about random ripping and tearing like you would other types of lingerie. This would work well if you like to run around outdoors and having some woodsy fun.

Silk is the most common type of lingerie material. It is smooth, cool, and practically emanates sex. It is most often used in delicate, sultry lingerie, and you need to be careful in both use and care of silk. It is an expensive material and, while strong, can be damaged through heavy use. The other main disadvantage is silk on silk. If you have silk sheets, be careful if falling onto or jumping onto the bed. The results can be...well amusing for your partner, at least (and yes..true story).

Modacrylic is a technical word for the material used in fake fur. This is going to be more for trimming and accessories (like a bola) than the main focus for lingerie, but it's worth mentioning. It is a soft, and strong material, but does require a great deal of care. You'll also want to watch the static problem. The last thing you need is an unexpected shock, unless you're into that kind of thing.

Velvet is another very fun material. It does require a great deal of care, but the sensations from it are just great. You will also want to watch the static problem from this material too. Velvet is used to accent other materials, or for smaller pieces of lingerie such as thongs.

Nylon is an all purpose and versatile material for many different types of lingerie. Because of how adaptable and easy to care for this material is, you'll see it in nearly every style. Again, there is a bit of a static problem, although not as bad as the last two materials I've went over.

Satin is a wonderful lingerie material. Just like silk, it is sleek and smooth. It works in most delicate piece of lingerie, and is fairly simple to care for. However, it is not a very durable material, so be careful.

Rayon is like nylon, an all around good material. It holds body heat very well, and cannot be stretched out of shape. However, the care for rayon is much more involved.

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