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A Guide to Wearing Your Corset


Not only are corsets sexy, but they can be matched with almost anything.

Depending on your fashion taste as well as your lifestyle, you can always find a corset that will complement it to a tee. Corsets can be worn with skirts for a sexy evening out, under a suit to make you look a tad sexier in the office; they can even vamp up a pair of jeans. Not only do they make you feel sexy, but the guys love them. This is because the main function of a corset is to make a woman as feminine and as sexy as possible. With the following steps, anyone can wear a corset and be confident about it.

The first thing that you need to ensure when you are purchasing a corset is that its waist size is at least four inches smaller than your waist. Ensure that you are comparing it to your correct waist size. For the record, the waist size you are comparing it to is your natural waist. If four inches seems like a torturous relationship ahead with your corset, then you can get one that is two inches smaller than your waist size. Remember, the aim of a corset is to compress your body. It can only do this if it is a smaller size than your body. On the other hand, it should not be a punishment to wear your corset. Corsets that are worn too tight are not only uncomfortable but are also very unhealthy. Tight corsets will constrict your breathing as well as bruise your stomach and your rib cage. Unsightly bruises are definitely not sexy. You will know you have the perfect corset match when you find one that is snug but still allows you to breathe with ease.

When you wear your corset, you should ensure that it follows your bust line to a tee. The corset should not only compress your body, but it should hold up your assets loud and proud. You should also ensure that your corset falls just below the top of your hip. Any lower and chances are you will have a lot of difficulty sitting down and having your movement constricted. Corsets that reach lower also tend to be very outdated. You wear a corset to look sexy, not to look like you have come back from a period in history.

Before you put on your corset, make sure that the laces are in place at the back. Do not tighten the laces! This will make it very difficult for you to get into the corset and also very difficult for the corset to be tightened. Lace the corset, but let the laces hang loose. Once you have put your corset on, enlist the help from a friend or a family member to tighten the laces. The tighter you can bear the corset, the better your silhouette.

For those who genuinely love corsets, you may consider having one custom made to your body, as these always look best.

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