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Your Guide To Get Sexy Babydoll

Your Guide To Get Sexy Babydoll

Babydoll lingerie has been one of women's favorite choices for undergarments ever since the 1960's. The design of the babydoll exudes an irresistible mix of charming innocence and naughty kinkiness, with its flaring skirt that softly reaches up around the thighs and the scooping bra cups atop a flirty camisole.

Shape or form

Another reason for its continued popularity is the fact that babydoll lingerie can be easily worn by women; the basic design lends itself beautifully to any shape or form of the female body. For example, if you're well-endowed in the bust area, there are several babydoll designs that feature larger cup sizes for better support. If you want to enhance your breast size, however, there are also styles that have push-up cups.

Here's a quick tip: choose a babydoll that is less frilly if you're a petite woman. Frills or ruffles, especially around the neck area, tend to draw attention to your face and bust. If you have small breasts, choose a babydoll design that has a v-neckline. This style, coupled with push-up cups, can wonderfully enhance the look of your bust.



With regards to the length of the skirt, a petite woman will look better wearing babydoll lingerie with shorter skirts. This will help to enhance the look of your legs and make them seem longer as well. The best thing to do if you're confused about skirt lengths is to choose one that lengthens your legs, not cover them up too much. Aside from giving the illusion of length, a shorter skirt is generally more appealing and will look sexier.


Many women may also get confused about choosing the right color for babydoll lingerie. The right color is actually the one that suits your mood for the day (or evening). Do you feel cute, sweet, and innocent today? Wear a babydoll with pastel colors like pink, baby blue, or any variety of white. Women who want to exude an aura of dominance and powerful sexuality will mostly choose red or black.

However, be careful about immediately buying a babydoll off the rack just because you like the color. Make sure that it also matches your hair and skin color. For example, there are women who will have pinkish skin tones and will still wear red babydoll lingerie, without them knowing that the color makes them look like they have a fever. Choose the colors as you would any other type of clothing by making sure that they flatter your hair color and skin tones.


When it comes to the fabric, you may want to try wearing velvet, satin, lace, or silk. Bear in mind, however, that even though these are the most popular fabrics for babydoll lingerie, they are not the easiest to clean and take care of. If you prefer lingerie that's as easy to wash/clean as they are soft, you might want to try nylon fabrics. It makes for a great substitute and is even washing-machine-friendly. Practicality aside, however, silk and satin are among the softest and silkiest fabrics that you could choose for babydoll lingerie.

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