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Care To Your Lingerie In 6 Tips

Once you stock up on your favorite lingerie pieces, you should learn how to care for them so you can enjoy your beautiful lingerie collection for years to come. By following these easy tips you can get the best use and life out of your lingerie and keep it looking like new!

1. Fill in your sink with cool water.

2. Add Lingerie Wash liquid to the water and swish the water and fabric care wash liquid around as you are filling the sink.

(Lingerie Wash liquids are the best fabric care wash for lingerie care. They are highly recommended by lingerie manufacturers since they will not damage your lingerie like regular soaps or detergent do. They leave no soap residues and do not damage the tread fibers so they preserve the fiber-flex and elasticity of your garments)

3. Add your lingerie pieces: bras, stockings, panties, etc. and swish the clothes around for a few minutes.

4. Let them sit and soak a minute or so, then pull the sink plug and let the water completely drain out.

5. After the soapy water gone, turn on the fresh water and rinse each item thoroughly, as you take them out of the sink one by one carefully wringing off all excess water

6. Hang the items to dry in a clothesline or lay them as straight and flat as possible. Reshape the bra cups to their natural position, if necessary. You should never dry your lingerie in a clothes dryer, as this will damage the fibers and the wires in your bras. If you absolutely 'have' to put your lingerie in the dryer, make sure to ALWAYS use a Lingerie Wash Bag.


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