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Is Thong Good Or Bad For Teenagers ?

Is Thong Good Or Bad For Teenagers ?

Teenagers in thongs is not something that most parents really want to even think about regarding their own teenagers.

Thongs are very revealing articles of lingerie, or swim suit style. Therefore, when it comes down to whether they are a good idea for teenagers or not would seem to depend totally on how and where the thongs are to be worn.

First, let's look at what a thong actually is. Most people are familiar with g-strings. While a g-string is one tiny strip of material going down, the thong is wider and has a bit more of a triangular shape. And yes, they are quite revealing.

While a lot of parents don't realize it, there are many teenagers in thongs running around today. Of course the only way you would probably know is if the teenager told you. It is a very popular underwear style and is worn by a large number of teenage girls. If your teenage daughter simply wants to wear thong underwear, this is really not such a big deal. As underwear is worn under the clothes, no one else is going to realize that she is actually wearing a thong, except for her girl friends. So, you can see it is no different than wearing any other style of underwear.

However, there are also swimsuit styles which feature the bottom half as a thong. This is a good time to sit your teenager down and have a chat about the limits of decency, as she may not realize just how much of her body she will be showing on a beach to strangers. A thong style swimsuit belongs in the pages of men's magazines and not on your teenage daughter. Poolside is not really when you want to see teenagers in thongs.

Some teenage girls will be quite rebellious when parents put their foot down on clothing styles. If your daughter is one of these, you may be in for a difficult time. But, as a parent, you have the responsibility of trying to teach your teenager the differences between attractive and trashy. She needs to understand that people, particularly males, who see her sashaying about in her thong swimsuit are going to think all sorts of inappropriate thoughts about her. Teenagers in thongs are very much on display in a public setting.

Compromising with your teenager might be a workable solution. You could agree to let her wear thong underwear, but she will have to give up the idea of a thong swimsuit until she is old enough to decide for herself how she wants to be viewed by others. Hopefully, by the time she is of legal age to do so, she will realize that it is not only teenagers in thongs that is a bad idea.

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