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Roulette Royale!Lingerie Girls

Roulette Royale!Lingerie Girls Application


Play the Roulette Royale!Lingerie Girls whenever you go, a sexy lingerie girls experience that totally free!

Now you can experience the fun and excitement by playing Roulette Royale!Lingerie Girls in the amazing sexy girls/ sexy lingerie party theme makes this game very enjoyable and relaxing on your android smart phones. Roulette Royale!Lingerie Girls supports both European and American Roulette and with a pleasurable gambling zone inside the virtual casino room.


Player spins the lucky wheel and a ball will be running in opposite direction around the circumference of the wheel. There are total 36 numbers with a variety of betting options:

- Red Pays Evens
- Black Pays Evens
- Odd Pays Evens
- Even Pays Evens
- 1-18 (Low) (1 through 18) Pays Evens
- 19-36 (High) (19 through 36) Pays Evens
- 1st 12 '1st 12' are numbers 1-12 Pays 2-1
- 2nd 12 '2nd 12' are numbers 13-24 Pays 2-1
- 3rd 12 '3rd 12'are the numbers 25-36 Pays 2-1
- Column(2 to 1) Pays 2-1
- Straight Bet numbers (from 0 to 36) Pays 35-1 etc

By betting on the correct slot where the ball land after spinning the wheel, you will earn a payoff on your bet. It’s not hard to master the skill and predict the slot after you has play for sometimes. The Roulette Royale!Lingerie Girls will show you the last five numbers right on the screen. Tap the chips on the bottom and places it on the chosen betting field and spin the lucky wheel. Get ready to earn a payoff.

Game Features

- Different types of bets.
- Free daily bonus chips.
- Vegas style tables.
- Enjoy the ambience with great and realistic sexy lingerie girls/casino style graphics and music.
- Supports Both European and American Roulette
- Achievements to unlock.
- Leader-board.
- Absolutely free roulette.
- Boast your score on social media like facebook and twitter.
- Multiplayer support.
- Challenge your facebook’s friend and show them how well you are doing.

So prepare yourself for these realistic gambling thrills of roulette games and learn to get your roulette strategy right!


Android : Click Here

Apple : Not Aviable

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