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Pubic Hair Design With Stencils Tutorial

Pubic Hair Design With Stencils Tutorial

Creating works of art with pubic hair is not a new idea. Artworks from thousands of years ago show that men and women removed or styled their pubic hair by plucking or scraping off the hair.

Ouch! Fortunately, there are now products made specifically for grooming pubic hair and this includes special shaving cream or gel, lotions, antiseptics and stencils. Some of the popular designs for pubic hair are the basic bikini (an inverted triangle), diamond, landing strip, heart, star, happy face, butterfly, check mark, lips and a square! Follow the steps below to create a beautiful design that will make you feel sexy with your clothes on or off!

What you'll need:

Clear shaving gel so you can see where you are shaving 
Aftershave astringent with salicylic acid 
Stencil pencil 

Step 1 Buy the supplies you that you need

Purchase clear shaving gel made for pubic hair so you can see where you are shaving, an aftershave astringent with salicylic acid, stencils, a stencil pencil, a small comb, scissors, a mirror and a razor with new blades.

Step 2 Trim your hair

Decide if you need to trim your pubic hair before shaving. It makes the entire process much easier if hair is trimmed to about a 1/4 inch or however long your want your design shape to be.

Step 3 Bathe or shower

Soften your pubic hair and skin by soaking in a warm bubble bath or by taking a long shower. Exfoliate your pubic hair and upper thighs to prevent ingrown hairs. When you are finished, dry yourself completely.

Step 4 Using the stencils

Place the stencil using one hand against the pubic hair. Use your stencil pencil (or colored lip pencil) to trace the outline of the design where you want it. Put the stencil away and make sure you can see the shape outlined. If not, fill it in with the colored stencil pencil.

Step 5 Start shaving

Apply a thin layer of shaving gel to your pubic hair. Pull the skin taut and start shaving from the outer area toward the pencil line. You goal is to leave pubic hair in the design you chose and make sure the excess pubic hair outside the outline is removed. Continue around the design and apply more gel if needed. Rinse your razor several times during shaving to get the smoothest, cleanest look.

Step 6 Groom the remaining hair

Use a comb to pull the remaining hair within your design up and decide if it needs further trimming. Some people like hair a bit more "bushy" and others like it trimmed close.

Step 7 Aftercare for your skin.

Wash off shaving cream and pencil outline. Apply an astringent formula that contains salicylic acid to prevent ingrown hairs and then moisturize the entire area.

Step 8 Keep your design clean

Every other day look at your design using a mirror. Use a little shaving cream and a razor to shave away any hair stubble to make your design last.

Caring for your design requires little maintenance but allows you to continue feeling sexy and adventurous. Just take your time when shaving and use the best products for your pubic area. The right choice of products will keep you feeling sexy without the irritating bumps, ingrown hairs and razor rash that usually accompanies pubic hair grooming.

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