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How To Treat Itchy Breasts

How To Treat Itchy Breasts

If you are a woman, sometimes itchy breasts are experienced one time or another. Every woman would have to deal with itchy breast, and it can be extremely uncomfortable and irritating.

When the itch gets worse, it is even hard to wear a bra. It is just normal to experience itchy breasts, but if it is frequent and annoying, it would be best to see a doctor to have it examine because it might be a symptom of breast cancer.

Itchy breasts can be a sign of breast cancer. Two types of breast cancer such as inflammatory breast cancer and Paget's disease may include itching as a symptom. Itchy breasts, accompanied with painful breasts and sore breasts most likely is breast cancer. However, itching of breasts is also a symptom of other conditions like dry skin, irritation, or allergy. This means that not all itchy breasts can be cancerous.

When you feel an itchy breast, don't be alarmed immediately. The first thing that you need to do is to find out what is the cause of the itch.
There could be several reasons why itching of the breasts occur. It could be the following reasons:

• When wearing a lace bra
• When the soap or body wash is too strong
• Certain allergies
• Using strong laundry detergent
• Using a new and strong perfume
• Heat rash
• Skin allergy called inverse psoriasis

Women with larger breasts have bigger risks to suffer the problem more seriously; the reason is because their skin area is covered below the breast skin fold that are usually affected. In some cases, the breast folds could widen up to the armpit or underarm area.

Itchy breasts may not be that serious problem; however, it is necessary to take good care of the breasts to prevent the occurrence of itching, rashes and soreness.

Here are some ways to prevent and do away with the itchiness:

• Examine your breasts and nipples carefully. If you find patches of skin around the area of your nipples, these may be patches of dry skin. When you wash your breasts, make use of soft sponge and a mild soap to gently wear away the dryness.
• Make sure that you are always wearing a clean and comfortable bra to prevent bacteria from developing in the breasts.
• Apply an anti-itch fighting cream, which contains menthol, campor and analgesic. Look for a cream that contains 1% strength as they are milder and safer for your skin.
• Do not wear bra every time. When you are at home, try to relax your breasts by not wearing bras especially when sleep.

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