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How to Look Sexy Using Girl's Pasties

How to Look Sexy Using Girl's Pasties

Girl's pasties, also known as nipple covers are ancient fashion accessories that have made a dramatic comeback into the fashion industry.

Even though the history of pasties is not clear, they became a popular accessory when toplessness emerged in the theatre industry. Many models and actors used them to protect their nipples and avoid flaunting nudity laws when they were shooting their sets. As years gone by, the advent in striptease acts and burlesque shows popularized this accessory, mainly among middle-aged women who wanted to look erotic in front of their partners and in social places such as strip parlors. Nowadays, pasties are attainable in an array of design and colors that you can use to enhance your sexual appeal, and or bask in a beach environment that has outlawed full nudity.

If you are looking for a way to reignite the flames of your bedroom rituals, you should consider using girl's pasties. For instance, you can use them to look naughty in front of your partner, tease him, and thus, improve your sex life. With the array of design, colors, and shapes that are readily available in the market, you can easy find something that works for you. Primarily, if you are petite and want to look naughty in the bedroom, you can wear your pasties with a matching thong or panties to get an appreciative and immediate reaction from your partner. You can even upgrade this look using a silk, fishnet, or lace thigh high that complements your pasties and panties.

If you are among the less daring women who want a little more cover when using girl's pasties, you should consider using them with a quarter cup bra. This is also a good option is you have a bigger bust and want to offer extra support to your breasts without covering your most attractive parts. Quarter cup bras are very stylish and sexy because they only cover the bottom half of the breast and leave the areola and nipple exposed. Therefore, by covering your nipples with a matching set of pasties, you will not only look exceptional, but also have your partner drooling in no time. Make sure that your quarter bra is visually appealing and not hard to unhook. To improve your sex life, you should look like a tightly packaged beautiful present that is equally easy to unwrap.

If you are plus size or have a pot belly and want to look sexy using girl's pasties, consider using them with an under bust corset. The corset will pull in your stomach, hide the flaws on your body, and push up your breasts to highlight a sexy hourglass figure. You can then wear your pasties on top of your bulging breasts to enhance your sex appeal. Even though you will make an extra investment in times of buying a corset, you can use this look outside the confines of your bedroom. For example, if you do not like or is sensitive to bras, you can pair this look with a matching dress or blouse. This creates an exquisite, and less revealing daywear, which you can use to go about your daily activities.

Even though girl's pasties are flexible and very sexy accessories, you must find suitable, and good quality products to enjoy their plethora of benefits. Before spending your money, you must research to determine the styles, colors, and materials that will suit your body type. For instance, you should decide whether you want washable, disposable, or pasties made of foam or silicone. Finally, make sure that the bonding agent is friendly and does not irritate your skin. It is advisable that you only buy products that bond using skin sensitive glue or a double-sided tape made of special material. Overall, whatever you go for, make sure that you are comfortable and like your overall outlook.

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